Added value in property investments

Heerenstede Vastgoed is specialised in developing and structuring property investments for private investors. We distinguish ourselves by offering a mix of in-depth market knowledge, strong personal commitment, and creativity.

We are part of the Wijs & van Oostveen Group, the largest independent asset management specialist for private investors in the Netherlands. This enables us to combine our knowledge of the property market and our creativity with the strengths and possibilities offered by Wijs & van Oostveen.
Heerenstede Vastgoed is an initiative of Hans de Wijs and Jan Zwart who both have a proven track-record in the world of asset management and banking services. They have a thorough understanding of the needs of investors, which is reflected by the Heerenstede property funds.

We have a clear philosophy when it comes to investing in property, based on the premise that risk and return are directly interrelated. Property at good locations, with reliable tenants and long-term contracts offer lower risks but also limited returns. And less attractive property is often cheaper. However, smart alterations can render these types of property profitable without taking unacceptable risks. Ultimately, the return from a portfolio will be determined by the mix of property items. We strike an excellent balance between the investment objectives of our clients and the products offered by Heerenstede Vastgoed.
Heerenstede funds are used exclusively for direct investments in property. To ensure maximum profitability of the investment products, we manage them in-house. We provide the technical and the financial management and we also handle the commercial management. In the long term, the value of property is determined largely by the quality of its management. Heerenstede Vastgoed Beheer has been licensed by the AFM (the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets) to operate as a property fund management company.

For more information, please contact on +31 (0)20 514 10 30 or send an e-mail to info@heerenstede.nl.

Heerenstede Vastgoed Beheer is registered with the AFM.